Here are a few of my favorite things to help make healthy eating easy:

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Perfect for steaming a small amount of veggies at a time in the microwave. I used this one a lot for V when she was a baby and just starting to eat solids, but this would also be great for an adult cooking for 1 or 2.

Tablecraft HC1 0.75 quart Mini Colander

I like having a mini colander available to rinse things like canned beans to remove some of the sodium. This one is the perfect size.

I usually bring out this mandolin when I am slicing large amounts of things, like scalloped potatoes for Thanksgiving. Definitely is a time saver for large quantities.

Not only do I use this as a blender, but also as food processor. If I can buy 1 thing that does multiple jobs and save myself some kitchen cabinet space, I am one happy camper.

Speaking of things that do multiple jobs, I was able to get rid of my slow cooker when I was gifted this for Christmas. I still haven’t figured out all the functions yet…there are so many!

Using a cast iron skillet is a great way to boost your iron stores. I use mine mostly for cooking eggs to up the iron at breakfast.

Pot with a strainer lid…yes please! I have had this one for several years…perfect for making pasta.

I’ve had this pan since I got married several years ago and it is one of my favorites. Cooks things evenly, washes easily…I actually have this one in multiple sizes.

Great for adding flavor when grilling! I like to give these as gifts to my favorite grill masters.

Essential if you are new to cooking! A meat thermometer gives me confidence my food is done and makes sure I don’t overcook it because dry meat is the worst.

I used to have cutting boards that did not have juice grooves. I also used to have sticky juice counters every time I cut a melon. Not anymore thanks to these guys!

Food Storage

My absolute favorite tupperware. Glass means save to freeze, and put in the microwave without worrying about chemicals from plastic leaching into your food. Also, I love the snap lids. I’ve had mine for several years and they have held up really well. I freeze lots of stuff in them.

I like mixing bowls with lids. That way you can mix something and put it in the refrigerator for later without having to dirty another bowl or cover it in foil.

Baby/Toddler Stuff

Perfect for daycare. My 2 year old has the purple one. I like that you can pull out the inside tray and wash it, you can actually buy multiple trays too!

Love these for making festive fruit or vegetable cutouts. Helps make kids more interested in veggies!

I’ve had this since my daughter started eating solids. It’s made of silicone and doesn’t easily move. Also dishwasher and microwave safe due to being silicone.

A really good book if you want to try baby-led weaning or even a combination of baby led weaning and spoon feeding, which is what we did. It teaches you how to build a meal for your infant, discusses choking hazards and how to make meals safe, plus has recipes the whole family can enjoy.